Here are some of our Services and Projects !

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AI Based Advertising

We understand purchase patterns of your each customer individually and deliver ads that keeps them coming to your store.

Business Intelligence

Take business decisions with help of AI. Which products to keep and what to replace?
How many products to stock up?

Orders Over Chat

Take orders from your customers with a human like chat system to help understand their needs and place the order.

CLASSIC - 19 : Food Ordering Chatbot

Chatbot User Guide

A Guide to Instruct the customers for interacting with the Chatbot.

Product Searching

A website where customers can view products of the selected shop.

Video Tour of Chatbot

A Video Tour for the Food Ordering Chatbot.

Project S.P.A.C.E. - Individual Level Targeted Advertising

Ad Analytics

We analyse your each customer individually and determine their consumer behaviour.

Ad Design

We design Ads for your store according to your inventory for customers and their habits.

Ad delivery

We deliver those ads to your customers while you sit back and rest.

SUPER - Business Intelligence

Visualise your store to get insights.

Powerful tool to understand various Business patterns in your store. Get some amazing Interactive Visualisation for growth, and make your business decisions, data driven.