Advertising through Intelligent Machinery

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About Us

  • AIM Technologies is an AI startup in field of advertising, primarily serving in retail domain. We provide end to end AI based marketing services for retailers which ranges from business intelligence, campaign creation, customer behavioural analysis, customer profiling, ad designing and ad delivery.

  • Our flagship product Project S.P.A.C.E. is a state of the art product which creates custom ads for customers, choosing the right products, offers, layout, designs, colours and fonts which makes customers shop again and again.

  • We are a company focused on building latest technologies and using that to serve small businesses of this country to help them survive in the ecommerce wave.

  • AIM Technologies is supported by SSIP, Govt. of Gujarat and has been awarded as Top-3 Technological Innovation by Dept. of Education, Govt. of Gujarat.

  • AIM envisions to support one thousand retailers with AI technology to serve all of their marketing needs.

Our Vision

If we think about the world's leading technology companies, What are the names that come into our mind ? Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba. How many of them are Indian? At AIM our mission is to build the next technology maverick which originates from India and will be serving clients across the globe.

Our Mission

We aspire to give the small business owner the power to use advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML). We also work to provide our local shoppers similar smooth access with their local stores as they have with online stores through technology.